Chickasaw Nation Pharmacy Refill Center

933 N. Country Club Road

Ada, OK 74820

Toll Free: 1-855-478-8725
Local:  580-421-8725    Fax: 580-421-8701


First Time Users

Steps for Using the Chickasaw Nation Refill Center Web Refill Patient Portal:

1. Once your application has been approved, you will need to have the following items on file at the pharmacy before you can create a web refill patient portal login:
      – Active prescription(s)
      – Valid email address (your email address must be on file at the Chickasaw Nation Pharmacy Refill Center)

2. First-time users will select Register on the Refills – Web Refill Patient Portal page.

3. Complete the registration information and a temporary password will be sent via email notification.

4. After registration, you may log in by entering your username and password on the Login Page.

5. The Refill tab will allow you to add prescriptions to your current order. Once all prescriptions have been selected, click Continue.
      – You may choose to submit a Refill Authorization to your provider for active prescriptions that do not have any refills remaining.

6. On the Shipping tab, select whether you would like to pickup your medications or have them mailed to your address. Then click Continue.
      – If the mail option is selected, you will have the option to choose an address currently on file or to enter a new address.

7. The Complete tab allows you to review your order before it is submitted for processing. Once you have reviewed your order, select Submit Order.


Steps for using the RefillPro smart phone application:

1. Download and install the RefillPro App from the iTunes store or Google Play store.

2. Enter the phone number of the pharmacy:

3. Select Order Refills.

4. Scan the barcode on the right-side or your prescription label
      – OR –
    Type in the prescription number located on the upper-left corner of your prescription label.

5. Your prescriptions will be processed and mailed to your address on file or prepared for pickup at our drive-thru.



For information regarding eligibility, please visit Eligibility